Face Rock Creamery Premium Aged Cheddar

Face Rock Premium Aged Cheddar


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Many young cheeses are excellent fresh out of the vat. However, unless it starts with quality ingredients, it won't stand up through the aging process as flavor intensifies & texture transforms. This three-year aged cheddar, set aside from our first batches of cheese, is a delicious manifestation of cheesemaker Brad Sinko's talent for creating award-winning aged cheese of great character.

Our Premium Aged Cheddar is intense, sharp, luxurious and with a rich, exuisitely flakey texture. This cheddar is low in moisture and features the snap of flavor crystals you'll only find in cheddars made with the highest quality of ingredients and strictest attention to detail.

Available Online in approximatly 1/2 lb bricks.
(Weights may vary since each brick is cut by hand.)

Customer Reviews

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FRC Rocks The Cheese World!, 8th Jun 2017

Reviewer: Virginia Hall

I personally love the 3 yr Aged Cheddar! Just the best.

On a recent trip to visit family in Denver, I took several types of cheeses as I always do whenever I visit. I was greeted by my nieces and nephews with not your typical greeting of "Hi, good to see you again!" or "Welcome, how was your trip?" but with a "Hi, did you bring some of that good cheese with you?"
That tells the story right there!

Now my Denver family wants to know when it will be available in stores in Denver!

Thanks for all you do to the cheese world by kicking it up a notch with FRC cheddars!!

Ginny Hall
Bandon, Oregon

The best Cheddar, 9th Feb 2017

Reviewer: Phil Lindsay

The 3 year aged Premium Cheddar is simply the best Cheddar that I have ever tasted! Although the Extra Aged 2 year aged Cheddar has already won an award, I predict the 3 year Cheddar will be an even bigger award winner. Try it - you'll love it!

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